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We’ve all seen the way landscaping and decorating trends can sweep through a neighborhood. Some are practical, like planting drought-resistant vegetation. Others are purely aesthetic choices.

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the latest trends in landscaping. Who knows, you might be inspired to get out and revamp your front or backyard with one of these ideas. Read on for some of the latest and greatest landscaping techniques for your home.

Landscaping you can eat

One trend that is making a comeback is growing herbs and vegetables. We’re not talking about a backyard garden in a chicken wire fence (although those are great, too!)--what we’re referring to is planting herbs and colorful lettuces right in your front yard. Well-placed plants look natural and can save you money at the grocery store at the same time. Just make sure they’re planted in soil appropriate for growing vegetables.

Similarly, many people are rediscovering the native fruit trees, bushes, and vines of their area. Adding these items to your yard will give you something sweet to eat and also a sense of pride in your region. So, find out which fruits and vegetables grow well in your area and find some to compliment your yard.

Drought resistance

We’ve all seen the headlines. Climate change is upon us, and water shortage is one of the chief long term concerns. To save water and keep the front yard looking manicured, many people are turning to vegetation that can resist long periods of time without water.

There are drought tolerant plants in almost every family of flora. From flowers to shrubs and even grass. However, many homeowners in areas warm areas prone to drought are opting out of grass completely in favor of stone pathways lined with hardy, yet beautiful, cacti.

Actually comfortable outdoor seating

The days of uncomfortable plastic and metal chairs are numbered. Waterproof outdoor seating has improved immensely in the last few years and a greater number of people taking advantage of it.

Another indoor comfort that is taking root outdoors is the use of varied lighting techniques and colors to create different moods, be it calm or whimsical.

Let it grow

Many homeowners, fed up with having to mow their lawn every weekend instead of spending it relaxing, are opting to let their grass grow out. Planting shade-giving trees, incorporating natural boulders, and creating stone walkways give a wild, but pleasant feeling reminiscent of an English garden.

Where there is grass, it is often left to grow to “meadow” length to complement the natural feeling of the rest of the yard. Planning out such a yard, however, takes time, or you could end up with a backyard that looks like it just hasn’t been taken care of.

What are your favorite backyard landscaping trends?

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Posted by Anthony Susi on 11/6/2017

At the individual homeowner level, real estate success incorporates more than your house. It includes your parking and landscaping. You may have moved to a home that is already ripe with lush trees, bushes, hedges and other foliage. This greenery beautifies your property, potentially increasing its overall value.

Beautify your property without putting your home at risk

Bushes, hedges and trees add vibrant color to front and back lawns. They serve as perfect shade, lowering indoor temperatures which, in turn, may lower utility usage and costs. Even with small lawns, there's the ability to plant bushes, hedges and trees in themed and artful designs. This single act is an excellent way to make your home standout from other neighborhood properties.

Greenery can also put your property at risk, and not just during harsh weather storms, times when trees and other foliage may fall on autos and houses. Dense, wide and tall greenery can also serve as hiding places for would-be thieves. Home invaders can hide behind tall bushes and trees, yet see inside your home.

Closer, intrusive looks at your home

You may not see them. But, they could easily spot you enough times to know which rooms of your house are most likely empty of an adult. That's not all. Video and audio cameras can be placed in bushes, hedges and trees without you being aware that the devices are on your property.

It's with audio and video cameras that would be home invaders can spy on your home, whether you are at home or away. They could use tapes from these devices to review and monitor your patterns, including when you leave home for work. They could know when your house is most likely to be empty.

The very nature of lush lawns, bushes and trees allows them to muffle sounds unlike noises that would echo across a cement pavement if someone was walking or running on a wide open porch or front or back walkway. Foliage can also be used as a detector.

For example, long tree limbs can be used by potential home invaders to scrap windows solely to see if pets respond. If pets come running, bark or growl, it could alert someone who is prying on your home as to the location of the animals. It could also alert people thinking about entering your home unlawfully as to the type and size of pet you have.

There's a lot that you can do

The good news is that there are several steps that you can take to protect your home. As an early step, you can trim bushes, hedges and trees. Make sure that bushes are not wide enough for someone to hide behind. They also shouldn't be so tall that someone could duck and hide behind them.

Avoid planting bushes and trees too close to your house. Ensure that bushes and trees don't block your view, preventing you from seeing outside your house. You also don't want trees, hedges and bushes to block your view of nearby roadways.

Consider installing motion detection lights in or near bushes, hedges and trees, especially near greenery that is close to your house. When you move about your house also keep in mind that someone could see inside your home. You can gain added privacy by closing drapes and blinds when you're getting dressed or napping.

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Not only does it make your landscaping look good but mulch is important to the health of your plants.  Mulch is any type of material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering and is most commonly made of compost, bark, wood chips, leaves, seed hulls, grass clippings, nut shells, newspaper, cardboard, or straw. Besides improving the look of your landscape mulching has lots of other benefits here are just a few: -Helps maintain soil moisture. -Helps control weeds. Use a layer of mulch that is 2- to 4-inches to reduce weeds. -An insulating blanket for plants by keeping the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. -Improved soil aeration and drainage over time. -Improve soil fertility. -Plant diseases can be inhibited. -Attractive look for landscaping. -Replenish nutrients for the soil. So go ahead and mulch away!  

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For most of us, our homes could be likened to a sanctuary.  A place where we go with a relaxed mind, escaping from the hustle and bustle of the streets. Our backyards should also be inviting and provide the same tranquil feeling.  If your yard looks as if it has been abandoned, maybe it's time to give that area of your domain a face lift. Your yard should be an extension of your homes style and allure.  If properly done, your yard could become the envy of the neighborhood.  This type of improvement project will involve an investment of time and money.  Fortunately there are ways to keep your spending under control. Have A Plan Speak to a professional landscape designer, ask for a free estimate or paid consultation on how to best utilize your space.  Discuss the contours of your property and learn what type of plants or trees would thrive there.  Determine a starting point and discuss potential expansion.  As with any project you will need to prioritize the tasks at hand. Eliminate Water Worries No matter how hard you try, nature will find a way to place water where you do not want it. Observing your yard throughout the seasons will help you determine how well the excess water drains off and where additional drainage is needed.  When starting a landscaping project be certain not to disrupt the flow of water away from the house, or damage any existing drainage.  Have additional drainage installed in areas that retain water to avoid damage to your home. Carefully Select Your Plants Flowers are lovely and you will have your preference, the question is, are those flowers going to thrive in your backyard? You’ll need to select flowers that are sustainable, and hardy to the zone in which you are planting them.  This is the same for trees and shrubbery.  You will also need to take into consideration the growing conditions such as the position of the sun, soil type, and moisture prior to planting.  Flowering trees and shrubs as well as perennial flowers are typically the best investment providing years of enjoyment. A trip to your local garden center can help you determine what plants will do best in your yard. Buy In Bulk Landscape centers typically apply a discount when purchasing larger quantities of plants. It is recommended you buy in bulk as it is always cheaper, don't be afraid to ask for a discount if there isn't one posted.  You will also find a reduction in plant prices after the spring planting rush has ended.  The end of the growing season is a great time to stock up on gardening tools and supplies. This is typically when you can find these items at the lowest prices. Get Down Get Dirty Doing the landscaping yourself can be quite demanding, and yes you will get dirty.  There is a great sense of pride and accomplishment when taking on a home improvement project. The more you can do on your own the better as the cost of hiring a professional landscape team can be quite high.   However, there are some landscape projects that require heavy equipment and a professional operator.  Do your research, get quotes from local contractors, and confirm they are fully licensed and insured before hiring them.  There will be plenty for the family to do once the heavy equipment has left the yard. Maintaining your beautifully landscaped yard is an on going process.  Many people find gardening and yard work very therapeutic.  The hours of fun and relaxation your family will enjoy in your yard will make your investment of time and money worth while.    

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